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Audience Props
Audience Call Back Guide

Click here to print our "Audience Props" section.

We suggest you peruse this Audience Props & Etiquette Guide; after all you don’t want to insult visitors.

Always throw ... Up and Back! NEVER into the aisles, at the stage or at the screen!
Unless you're in the back row ... then throw up and forward!

NO Rice!

As with any wedding, when the Bride and Groom leave the Church, blow your bubbles!
You may even want to celebrate with Rocky and Frank at the appropriate time.

Sadly we no longer permit the throwing of rice during any performance.
All too often it is thrown into the aisles, at the actors, at the screen and onto the stage.  Have you tried to prance around in six-inch heels or dance on rice?  Yeah, it's realy dangerous and therefore a no-no!


After leaving their car, Brad and Janet make their way to the castle through a rainstorm …
Janet covers her head with a copy of "The Plain Dealer" newspaper.
You should too … because …


A few squeezes in the air above your head as Brad and Janet walk through the rain … get it?
Rain … water. (This is why we bring newspapers.)

Small squirt bottles may be used because they produce a mist rather than a soaking stream of water.
Again, we do NOT squirt water at other audience members, the screen as this may cause damage, nor do we squirt the performers as this can damage their costumes.


When you hear the chorus start singing "there's a light over at the Frankenstein place"
hold-up and wave your flashlights or glow sticks.

Common sense should tell you, and if not the Fire Department will, NO open flames will be permitted in the auditorium.  Remember, this will get you ejected from the auditorium. 


Each time Frank snaps his rubber gloves; you should snap yours in sync … talk about sound effects!
Please don't snap them at anyone around you; in some galactic cultures it is considered a dire insult.


At different points of Frank's creation speech the Transylvanians express their approval
and delight with noisemakers and applause.  You should too!

NO Rice! See above.

As Frank takes Rocky to the honeymoon suite, blow bubbles as you would for any bride and groom!

See above.


When Dr. Scott enters the lab, Brad cries out "Great Scott!"
At this point, you should toss rolls of toilet paper into the air (preferably Scotts).

Remember, when we toss ANYTHING, we toss UP and Back!
Do not throw at the screen, into the aisles, or onto the stage.


Traditionally, when Frank lifts his ‘glass’ to Rocky’s birthday,
members of the audience would throw dry toast into the air.
We have not been able to come up with a substitute, so we'll skip this one altogether.
Suggestions welcome.


When Frank puts on a party hat to celebrate Rocky’s birthday, you should do the same.


During "Planet Schmanet Janet," ring your bell when Frank sings "Did you hear a bell ring?"


When you hear Frank sing "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain" during his song “I’m Going Home”,
toss a few playing cards up in the air.

Cards are slippery on carpet; do not throw them into the aisles, at the screen or onto the stage.

plastic ones are cool.

At many shows fans will throw hot dogs at the appropriate mention in the film.

Absolutely, no hot dogs.
We no longer permit this as some party hounds took the spoilt dogs from their fridge,
dumped them into one of the trash cans and stank up the theatre.
YUCK!  Nasty!

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Compiled by Pat S.P. Fitzgerald, Kelly Fitzgerald and Andy Clarke

Click here to print our "Audience Call Back Guide" section.
Much like a pocket phrase book you carry when traveling abroad, one should never attend a Transylvanian Convention without their handy dandy Call Back Guide to get you through the evening.

Usually it is considered rude to speak during a movie, but a true RHPS fan knows it considered rude not to speak back to the screen.

In addition, it is important to remember that The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a universal success for 35 years; and there is always the possiblity, at any screening, that you may find a visitor from the Transexual Galaxy sitting next to you. So do not be surprised at the cultural and generational differences evidenced by a cacophony of call backs. Some Call Backs are out-of-date; some are regional, national or even galactic specific. Do not be concerned or put off. Remember, we are here to celebrate our differences, not to conform!

NOTE: If you have a call back, which is new or different from one of ours; and, if we hear yours and like it, you might just find yours included it in our next guide! So call back proudly!

It is considered rude to shout down another attendee.
SCENE | Film Moment   CALL BACK
told us where we stand   On our heads!
in a celluloid jam   Yay! Smuckers!
it came from   Where?
outer space   Thank you!
tarantula took to the hills   Lick it!
used lots of skills   Sex kills!
but when worlds collide   Clap! (actually CLAP)
I'm gonna give you   Some joints and some pills!
like a   X-ray!
we really did it.   Hit him! Hit him back!
gonna throw the bouquet   Who's got the clap?
wasn't it wonderful?   No!
look radiantly beautiful?   No!
she was plain ol' Betty   Dildo!
she's Mrs. Ralph   Dipshit! She was better off an hour ago!
a lucky guy   No, he's not! She's got the clap!
wonderful little cook   She's the hottest baked potato in Denton. Yay! Denton! The home of happiness!
What the f*ck's a billboard doing in a cemetery?
the river was deep   And I drowned!
one thing to say and it's   Crammit Janet, let's go screw!
but I ran it   Backwards!
one thing to say and it's   Only assholes write on churches!
Here's the ring to prove   That I'm an asshole!
ways that love can go   Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll!
that's   Gay, straight or bi-sexual!
J-A-N-E-T   I want a blow!
one thing to say and it's   Brad, you fag! Fuck you too!
Oh Brad   Oh shit!
And that's go see   the man who picks his nose!
science exam it, made me   Give you the finger and then ram it!
Oh Brad!   You fag!
    That man has no f*cking neck!
I would like   Oh you WOULD, would you?
If I may   You may
to take you   Where?
on a strange journey   How strange was it?
So strange they made a movie about it. Not the book, the movie!
Brad Majors   Asshole!
Janet Weiss   Slut!
dark storm clouds   Describe your balls!
toward which they were driving   Is it true you're also gay?
badly in need of some air   So's your f*cking neck!
on a night out   Come a little bit closer, Chuckie!
they were going to remember   For how long
pretty cheap to that type   Yay! That type!
that spare tire fixed!   Asshole!
in the middle of nowhere   What's white and sells hamburgers?
I'm coming with you.   That'll be a first!
might be a beautiful woman   He is.
never come back again   You should be so lucky!
there's a light   WAVE glow sticks and flashlights around until ...
in the darkness   Darkness, asshole!
    ... and TURN off your lights
that their plight required   Are you sure?
my name's Brad Majors   Asshole!
fiancé Janet Weiss   Slut!
phone we might use?   Look between Janet's legs!"
you better both   Fuck off!
come inside   I don't care where you come as long as you clean it up! Hey Janet! What's one kind plus one kind?"
You're too kind   She's all kinds!
having a party?   No, it's my sister's bat mitzvah!
she's lucky, I'm lucky   The banister's lucky!
but listen closely   For how long?"
I've got to   Smoke a bowl!"
with voyeuristic intention   Where are your tits?
well secluded   What do you see?
with a bit of the mind   F*ck!
into the time slip!   F*ck that bird!
he had a pickup truck   And a dick this size!
cold and wet and I'm just plain scared!   That's not what you said last night!
look like you're both pretty groovy   Not!
both in a bit of a hurry   Left!
Right   Left!
go back to the car   We both want to f*ck Tim Curry!
So   What?
up to the lab and   F*ck me on the slab!
antici … …   Say it! Con-sta… …
I'll remove   Your clothes. And what about Bart and Lisa?
but not   The Simpsons!
nice a job to rush   Yay! Rush!
right arm for the privilege   Or their left tit.
I've seen it!   And I don't do laundry!
accident to make it happen   A what?
I hold the secret   To life?
to life   Itself?
beautiful creature is destined to be   F*cked!
the reactor power input   Three more joints!
is hanging over my head   So that's what that thing is called!
no way to behave on your first day out   Of the closet!
okay? OKAY?!?   What do you think of Sarah Palin?
glisten   What's your favorite toothpaste?
a little bit of ste-ee-eeam   Go! Go! Go! Go!
Missed it!
Missed it!
Now you've got to kiss it!
the smash clean and jerk   Off!
in just seven days   And seven nights!
happened to Saturday night?   It's Sunday morning?
with a chick who'd go. And listen to the   Rocky Horror Picture Show!
a bicep   What'd ya have for breakfast?
makes me   Boogie with a midget!
Charles Atlas by the   Balls!
life is an illusion   So's your f*cking neck!
figment of the imagination   So's your f*cking neck!
quite safe.   Like your f*ucking neck!
which grew.   Unlike your neck!
to their separate rooms   And you make it sound so dirty.
isn't it nice?   No, it's WEISS.
done with Brad?   Nothing yet. I saved the best for last!
isn't all bad   It isn't all Brad, either!
my heart and hope to die   Stick a dildo in my eye!
done with Janet?   F*cked the shit out of her!
no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure.   There is in New Jersey!
my mother's grave.   Don't talk with your mouth full!
coming!   So's Brad!
Brad, my darling!   Janet, my slut!
done this to you?!   Easy, but it would've been easier without the pantyhose.
made this journey   But you did!
car hadn't broken down   But it did!
amongst friends   But you're not!
excited mental state   And you can only read about it, asshole!
that Janet was indeed   A slut!
feeling done in.   And out and in and out and in!
you mean she's?   Lying?
and seat wetting.   (JUMPING UP) "Oh shit! My seat's wet!"
I want more.   Less!
More.   Less!
More.   Less!
More.   Less!
no resistance, I want to   F*ck your pistons!
and rub you down.   Up!
Down.   Up!
Down.   Up!
Down.   Up!
small fraction of the main   Erection!
give me a friendly hand   Take two!
away for a moment.   Doing what?"
Master.   bating!
you came here   With a dolphin!
I was telling the truth.   Assholes don't lie!
in the zen room.   This place has got roaches! Better smoke 'em out!
we meet at last.   No, we meet at first.
Eddie happens to be   My sister!"
Janet! Dr. Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky!   Bullwinkle!
Janet! Dr. Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky!   Bullwinkle!
Janet! Dr. Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky!   Bullwinkle!
is to be optional.   Toga! Toga! Toga!
to absent friends.   And dead relatives!"
another slice anyone?   Brad gets it.
Janet gets it.
Dr. Scott gets it.
Rocky gets it, but he doesn't care.
Dr. Scott!   Janet! Brad! Rocky! Ugh!"
day he was born   Not the night but the day
was trouble   Not Monopoly but Trouble
was the thorn   Not the rose but the thorn
mother's side   Not the back but the side
tried in vain   Not the artery but the vein
nothing but shame   Shame! Shame! Shame!
cheap little punk!   Yay! Punk!
in a note that reads   What's it say?
What's it say?
out of my head   Spelled H- E_ D
may be dead   Spelled right?
carry out their evil deed.   Love Eddie.
threatened your life with a   Ball point pen?
what a guy.   What does Santa Claus say?
makes ya cry.   What does Fat Albert say?
My veels!   I can't move my cheeks! My socks!
transport device. You mean?   A vibrator
working on for quite some time   A working vibrator
means of perfecting it.   A perfect vibrator!
so named because of the rocks in his head!   Holy shit! What a bitch! Quick, Magenta throw the switch!
return to Transylvania, huh?   Vensday, ven else?
had both tasted   Frank's cock!
Forbidden fruit.   Same thing.
of little morals   Yay! Of little morals!
and some persuasion   Gay persuasion
would they be subjected to?   Shock Treatment!
floor show that is spoken of.   Where do you masturbate?
in an empty house.   When do you masturbate?
in the middle of the night.   The rates are cheaper!
was clear this was to be   Can we have a picnic?
No picnic.   Oh, shit! And I brought the ants!
I'm just 7 hours old.   And can't dance!
what's this, let's see   It's your leg!
mind had been expanded.   Show us where Frankie landed!
got to get   The fuck!
my mind may well snap!   Crackle! And pop!
bless Lili St. Cyr.   Hey Frank, whose pool is it?
I can explain.   This better be good, we killed you last week.
I want to come again.   So does Brad!
in my eyes, and I realize   I'm f*cking stoned!
how sentimental.   You bitch!
we were returning to Transylvania   I was speaking French.
say good bye to all of this.   Goodbye all this!
and hello   Hello!
to oblivion.   Hi oblivion. How's the wife and kids?
A blink of the eye,
a twitch of the lip,
the first one who screams
gets it right between the tits!
they didn't like me!   Get paranoid, Riff!
decision had to be made   And I made it!
to the planet of Transsexual   Where your hair gets a hard on and you come out your ears!
the moon-drenched shores of   Gitchiegoomie!
on the planet's face   What'd you have for breakfast?
some insects.   Why's your phone bill so high?
Called the human race.   Where's your fucking neck?
Lost in time   What's your favorite TV show?"
And lost in space.   And what does this movie lack?
And meaning.   Don't forget to turn off the globe! Talk about global warming!
If you have any suggestions for new or updated call backs,
please click here to email them to Peter Goike III, Director.
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